Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to give the perfect presentation in class

I have a presentation in English class tomorrow, not that big, for a mock mark. Here is how we are going to do it and how it works.

The presentation is short and not that important, five minutes is enough. We have to do it in couples and we chose the musical Les Misèrables as topic.

  • Have a good introduction. Don't start with 'You all know' or 'I want to talk about', those phrases won't activate your class. You have to make them interested. We saw the musical (my partner is my girlfriend actually) so the class will be interested. 'Hmm, a personal experience!' 
  • Keep your presentation vivid. The class will not keep listening if you are just standing there, saying all the words on your paper. Forget the paper! Throw it away! Give the presentation as if you are just talking to your friends. They are your classmates, so they will be your friends right?
  • Have an ass-kicking interactive end. We will make the class sing along with a song from the musical. When everybody is singing, they must feel ridiculous and great at the same time.
The class will hopefully like the presentation, wish me luck!

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1 comment:

Vicki said...

Hope it went well!

I spend much of my workday helping college students work on class presentations, and I'd add a couple of things to your good advice.

1. Be organized. Don't just start talking. (Maybe don't throw the paper away, but have just a few brief points written down to keep you on track.)

2. Practice, practice, practice! Don't hear your presentation for the first time at the same time as the class hears it. Do it out loud, standing up, at home several times before you get to class.

I love your ending of having everyone singing. Great idea!