Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to make a presentation, quick

8 p.m. you finished all your homework, and you feel satisfied and check your agenda once again, and then, there it is: 'Presentation English.'

Do you recognize this? You think you are on schedule, and suddenly there is a big presentation left.
Here is how you make a presentation, quick

  • First, find your subject. Maybe you already know it. If you don't, find a subject and think about it. Think about it while you are doing things you normally do at the end of the evening, pack your back, make lunch and think about the subject.
  • Next, write everything down. In the direction that you want to say it during your presentation. Just write your presentation down. But, don't look for every fact on the internet, that's something you can do later. Just write [OVERLOOK AGAIN] or something like that behind it.
  • Color or highlight everything that supposed to be in the powerpoint presentation. Do this while you are writing things down.
  • After you wrote it all down, look for all the facts, and write them down. 
  • And now, make the powerpoint, choose a theme quickly and write everything in it which you highlighted before. This is going really quick now.
  • At last, practise you presentation once or twice before the mirror.

Now you can be really satisfied, you finished all your homework, AND made a presentation in less than two hours! That's fantastic.
Good luck with it!

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Mutuelle sante said...

Thank you it has been a good help, now to make a presentation, quick is definitely simple with your guidance. Thanks

maruthi said...

Nice tips dude... I think i have to follow them. thanks for sharing.

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