Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to be stressless at your exam

How can you be without stress at your exam. I mentioned that as one of the point how I aced my examweek, being calm. I think how to have no stress needs more words.

First we need the definition of stress at an exam. I think it is a sudden feeling that you do not know anything. You don't know anything, and you will not know anything in the whole exam.

So you must prevent that feeling, or overcome it.

How to prevent stress
  • Don't interfere in the discussion your classmates have just before the test. Every time, before an exam, my classmates will go like 'Do you know what that is, and that, and how do you do this.' You should NOT interfere, cause most of the times you won't get out of it. Your classmate doesn't know the answer, and you don't either. So you will get stressed, cause you don't know that, and you will not know anything!
  • Be prepared. You will not get the feeling you don't know anything, if you do know everything. There is no need for stress, if you know you can make the test good. If you prepared yourself with questions which are the same as the examquestions you will know what you can expect. No need for stress.
  • Have enough sleep. Like I said, you have to be prepared. You are not prepared to solve great math puzzles when you had 2 hours of sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep, drink a cup of coffee before the exam. Make sure you are awake, sharp and ready to rock at the test.
  • Get the vibe. This is one of the best things I did this examweek. Before the test, get the vibe, get into the flow of the exam. If you have math, make some sums right before the test, so you know you are ready. And at this last practice, don't make it too hard for yourself. Practise some sums that are a bit easier then you expect on the exam. You will have the feeling you can do it, and your brain is already adapted at those kind of questions!

With these tips, the chance you will get a 'stress-attack' is reduced. But, there is always a chance. I had some stress suddenly at an exam also. I needed a very good grade, and when I saw the first question, I didn't knew it. And I stressed big time. But when I read the question again, I found out that the question wasn't that hard at all.

How to overcome stress during an exam
  • Pull yourself together, immediatly. You can't allow yourself to come into the circle of stress. Cause if you are in it, it gets harder to recover. So you need to be quick with noticing you get stressy. And when you know you get stressy, breathe in through your nose, and out through the mouth. Just a regular zen-like exercise, which actually helps.
  • Read further. Every exam has a simple question. So if you got the feeling you don't know anything, read further and look for that question. Or any question, as long as you know it. Answer it and you will think to yourself 'not that hard at all'. And if you see the first question again, you will be more confidend.
  • Read better. I am the person who always reads too fast. I got better at it, and learned to read the questions better, but sometimes, I read too fast. So when I do it, I interpretate the question wrong and think I don't know it. That is crucial, cause I am close to get in the stress circle. So read better, make sure you get the question good. This is what saved me at an exam this week.
The key to a stressless exam is being prepared, and you have to have the 'read good' technique mastered. If those two factors come together, you won't have stress at the exams anymore!
How do YOU reduce, avoid stress at your exam?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quoting: C.S. Lewis

Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement - C.S. Lewis

So true, but so tough to put in practise. I think it is just so hard for people to fail. Nobody wants to fail, you will be embarrased, or you will regret it forever.

But you need to go through it, and on the road to achievement, it may be a very important step. Cause when you fail, you will learn so much more. You can better fail 2 times, than succeed 20 times. When you fail, you will go through every step which led to the failure, and you will think over every step again, to know why you failed.

And no, we suddenly do not want to fail. But that is the best part about failure. Failure is inevitable, and we should love that. Cause we do not want to fail, but we have to.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week Review #3 of 2009

I'm still thinking about the title. Week review #4 of 2009 isn't true, cause I started in week #2, so it is WR #3, but week #4.

Week #4 of 2009.

The week where
  • I didn't quote anyone! I simple haven't had the time, sorry!
  • The week where my examweek was finished. And I had one of my best examweeks ever. How did I do it?
  • The week where I actually only made one post. Bad, very bad. But I got some things coming up!
Except that, it is also the week where
  • I had 5 tests, in 2 days. Insane
  • I felt great again
  • I trained 3 times.
  • I learned the meaning of the words: Antebrachium, ileus and acra. Do I need to explain what those words mean?
And the week where
  • I went snowboarding with school!
  • I only fell 28 times! (Maybe more, maybe less)
  • I watched La vita è bella with my girlfriend. What a fantastic movie!
Week #4 of 2009 was a good week. I liked it that I got all those great marks back, and the snowboarding day was also great. The week started with a lot of stress, cause I had 5 upcoming exams, and ended with a lot of relaxation cause the examweek was over!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How I aced my examweek

My examweek (testweek, week full of exams, how you wanna call it) is over. 7 days, 12 exams later, I'm finished.

How did it go? Fantastic. After every test I had a good feeling (well, except Latin, but that is nothing new), the feeling that I could answer the most of the questions. Lovely feeling.

How did you do it? I think that is an interesting question. Because I am almost the only one with this feeling in my year.

I think the main thing is stay calm. Do not stress out, stick to the plan. I made the plan that I want to be done studying at 10pm every evening, and then go to sleep, or read a book, watch some tv. And stick to it. Make sure you are finished at 10pm.
Do not stress, it won't get your grade up. When you stress, stop studying. Breath through your nose, just relax for a while. Do not stress at your test. If you don't know a question, pass it.

What follows from staying calm/sticking to the plan is get enough sleep. I do not get enough sleep normally. I sleep at 12, and have to wake up at 7am or even 5.30am. But now, in the examweek I forced myself to get enough sleep. When I had to wake up at 7, I slept before 11pm, what means I get more than 8 hours sleep. I have classes like math, chemics, physics. So I have to be focussed all the time, it is more than just learning facts. I had to be sharp, and I was it.

Eat good. I always eat pretty much, nothing different in the examweek. Except that this week, I got il. So I ate a lot of vitamins, a lot of fruit. Also I drank a lot of tea. And I felt great with it!
The plan I made with the hot beverages didn't work that good. I found out that hot chocolate in the evening gave me too much energy, so I couldn't sleep before twelve. So after the first day, I scrapped that from the list. Also I drank a lot of tea more, but not much more coffee, so I'm happy 'bout that.

Be prepared. Of course. Be prepared before the test. Make sure you don't have to learn everything the evening before the test. This is crucial for the stay calm part. Just be prepared, I shouldn't explain why.

Will you do it again this way? Yes. Definitly. I will do it very much the same next examweek, but I will be even more prepared. On the last day, I had biology and latin, and I had to do too much for that on the day before the test, so the preparation should need some improvement.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 3 of 2009

This is the week of the second exam week of the year.

The exams went great, that's sure.
The week that my surrounding got sick, my girlfriend, my sister.
The week that I got sick, but didn't admit it, just go to school and make the test!

The week where I blogged only once, about Adolf Hitler. But it is a blog which I love, a good post about some just follow what is been said things. (Have to know that for another test tomorrow ;))

The week where I had to learn, but watched Pirates of the Carribean, with my sick sister.
The week where I went babysitting with my girlfriend, and watched Back to the Future there. What a fantastic movie, can't stop loving it.

The week where I was really happy with my style of learning and my preparing for a good test. Think I'm going to blog about that this week, when I find time. Cause I still have another 5 tests in two days. Wish me luck.

Week 3 of January, a good week, a good examweek. A week where Holland got ill, but I'll make my way through it. Yes, I can be gratefull for week 3. Thanks.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Quoting: Adolf Hitler

What luck for rulers that men do not think - Adolf Hitler

Every time in history class, I wondered. 'Don't those Germans had any idea? Couldn't they think at all?' And now I see this quote, quoted by the man himself. Funny.

Could they think? They just had a war of which they were punished. Germany had to pay a lot, really a lot to other countries. So they were angry, they felt treathen unfair, they needed a strong leader. 
Then this small, but persuasive man came up, and said the cause of all these problems. Of course you would believe him, he promised golden times for Germany again!
No, they do not think, men are too driven on emotions to be rational all the time. And for rulers, that is a good thing. Just indoctrinate them with some propaganda, make them believe that what you are going to do is good, and they will follow. The only thing you need is a good strategy.

Men get too much influence from their emotions, so do I. I can get really mad when our government discuss something ('How could they only THINK of that!'). But if I get an explanation by a classmate, or my mum, I understand, and sometimes even agree!
Then, should you try to let go your emotions? Should you just ban them out, and only resolve on ration?
No, that isn't the solution also. It will make you a miserable person, not only to live with, but you will also feel like a miserable person. Interesting to think over more..

Yes, it is a luck for rulers that men don't think. But as a ruler you must be thinking. You must think of your strategy, how you are going to abuse the fact that they don't think.
Or can you learn something to the people of your country, can you learn the people to think? It will take some courage to say 'You don't think'. And some people will not take it lightly, but it can be a greater good..

Perhaps I should become a ruler too, will you listen to me without thinking?

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Week 2 January

This is the week that

  • I quoted some french guy
  • Wrote about the hot beverages in my exam week
  • Wrote about the student bag. And what should be in it!
But it is also the week that
  • Had a debate in class and scored an 8.8 (on the scale of 10!)
  • Read about visualization, something I didn't read about a long time, and put it in practise with swimming!
  • Learned that coloured marshmellows doesn't even come close to real marshmellow's in hot chocolate (just gross!)
  • Learned that to-do lists DO work, and I'm going to use it more!
  • Learned that Google Calender may be pretty handy in my examweek, and the rest of my life?
And of course the week that
  • I was at the swimming pool at 6 am for training (yes, that is the usual bussiness with swimming in the Netherlands) and find out that my coach didn't had the keys, so I could go back to bed!
  • The week that it was really, really cold in Holland, minus 13 celcius..
  • The week that I went riding on a sledge with my girlfriend, and had a wonderfull time in the snow!
  • The week I read something in the book Dracula, and find out that foreigners doesn't know anything 'bout Holland. Dutchmen's say: 'Mijn god', not 'Mein Gött' that German! Holland is a country, not the capital of Germany or something!
The second week of January? Full, sometimes stressy, but a good startin' up week!

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

8 things that has to be in every student bag

What should be in every senior's schoolbag?

Which things can't be missed in your bag?

There are a couple of things which are variable in my backpack. Like my books and my lunch.
But there are a couple of consistant things in my bag, what should be always in every student bag!
  1. Your map with notes. I keep all my notes (and small assignments) in one map, all my notes from every class. And I will always carry that map. So I got always my notes I took in class with me, so if I have nothing to do, I can always look at that!
  2. A pencil, or so you can underline your notes, or things in your books, which your hopefully carrying with you.
  3. Agenda/diary, to set all your deadlines, know what you have to do and when you have to do it. You can also put something like your grades in it, or adresses, random notes/quotes. I actually don't use it. But it is in my backpack, all the time.
  4. A pen, of course, you can use the pencil for everything. But I prefer the colour blue above grey. And it writes easier, and clearer.
  5. Bottle of water, or just an empty bottle, which you can fill. But keep yourself hydrated, and you can concentrate better in class.
  6. In this time of the year (winter on the northern hemisphere), some kind of lipsalve. Else you get bursted lips, what nobody wants!
  7. Your earphones, for your iPod or telephone, so IF you recorded some notes you can always listen to it. Or just listen to some normal music, if you don't want to do something all the time.
  8. A notebook. I just got an A4 notebook, where I write all my ideas in. If you are having a creative moment, capture it and put it down, so you won't forget. What I also do is taking a paper from it, and make some small cards from it. That is where I write my todo's on. This notebook can't be missed from my bag.
So, now you know the content of my bag, what about yours? Share it in the comments!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How hot drinks will help me through my examweek

It is the time of year again, when you can enjoy hot beverages with full intensity.

It is the time of year again, when you love to cuddle up at the fireside.
I love it too, I really do.

But, for me, it is also the time of year again that I have exams on school. 8 days, 11 tests.
And I'm going to make my way through it, using the benefits of hot beverages.

Starting in the morning: Coffee
When I have the test early, I will get one cup and then go to school. But if I have the test later, something like 11am, I will wake up with one cup, and drink another cup before leaving.
It will keep me sharp, awake and ready to ace the test!

Then, in the afternoon: Tea
When I finished the test, I go back to my house, and then I will have a cup of tea. Relax for half an hour, drink some green tea, to relax, hang over and get ready to study again.

After dinner, in the early evening: Coffee
Yes, coffee again. I think I need it then, cause I have to be awake the rest of the evening to study. So another cup of coffee is added.

Around 9pm. Later in the evening: Hot chocolate
The drink I love the most in the winter season. Especially with tiny marshmallows in it. Lovely, and a good break from your study. I need to be finished with studying at 9pm, so I think I can drink my cup of hot chocolate when I also read my reader. Enjoying enjoying.

Before going to bed, in the late evening: Tea
Yes, another cup of tea. Something to make me calm down again. I ain't stressed that much, but relaxing before going to sleep is important, I think. So a cup of tea, while watching tv with my mom or so, will be a good thing.

That will be my hot beverage schedule. I am already applying it a bit, to look if it is good. And it does work for me, but I actually got two cups of coffee tonight, cause I hadn't had much sleep.
When I count it all up, it will make 6 or 7 hot drinks a day!
It will be something to look forward to 'yes, in half an hour I can have a cup of hot chocolate!'
Sometimes, I love the winter season.

Which hot drinks are you drinking during the day? Does it also helps you through something?
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Quoting: Anatole France

"Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labor by taking up another."
The Quote comes from Anatole France who is a French novelist.

I really agree. I always find that, when I finished my homework, I'm going to blog (well, not always, like now), going to read a book or going to run (should start doing that again..). But I never really rest, or is watching tv something like rest? But often I plan that time; 'Finish my homework before 10, so I can watch tv'. So is it rest?
Why is that? That human beings, at least the modern human being, always wants to do something all the time? I can't go to bed at 8 pm, it is like wasting time to me. Why?
Can't I have normal rest? Can't I just relax?
Yes I can, I can just watch a movie, lying (spelled correct? can you confirm?) on my couch. I should do that more often.
But when I do, I feel like 'wasting time' again. 'I have to do so many things, and what I'm going to do, watching a movie'.

I like it to over see my habits like this.
Have you the courage to look at your habits once a time? What do your for 'relaxation', do you also take up another labor, or do you really 'relax'?

Monday Quoting Day. Number 4 already! See my post from the other weeks: firstsecond and third.
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Friday, January 2, 2009

Having a movie marathon

I had a starwars marathon last weekend with three of my friends. Fantastic, Crazy.

Really, watching six movies in a row, with some of your best friends, there is nothing like it.
We did it with Star Wars, but you can also do it with Lord of the Rings, The Godfather or Harry Potter.

How do you do set up a movie marathon?

Step 1
Choose the serie. We did it a Star Wars marathon, cause one of the guys (17 years old) didn't knew Yoda.

Step 2
Set a date. You will need a weekend, cause you will be dead afterwards. We began at 1.30 pm, ended at 4 am. Choose the location also. We did it at my place, cause I have a beamer. You need a room big enough, some sleeping bags.

Step 3
Buy food. You need some food, you need a lot of food. Buy too much, it is better than that you are hungry at the last film. Everyone needs 2 bottles of soda, 4 bags of chips and 10 chicken wings.

Step 4
Watch it. Go! Put on the dvd-player and have your movie marathon. Watch them all, eat your food, order a pizza when it is dinner-time and eat it during the movie. Enjoy the movies, discuss them with each other.

Step 5
Go to sleep. We watched an episode of friends after it and then (well, three hours later) went to sleep. I recommend to sleep earlier, cause you are dead the day after. Make sure all of you can sleep at the place where you watch, it is more fun.

So, that is my 5 step plan to have a movie marathon.
Really, when you need (or want) some quality time with your friends, this is the best way!

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