Saturday, December 13, 2008

iPod Studying

I have read something about recording the stuff you need to learn.

Call it mini-lectures.
After I have read that, I started to think. How can I use this, and how to apply.
I am actually a more visual student, I think. But I will definitly try it.
I have to cycle to the swimming training, every week. Then I have to cycle for a half an hour. So that is the perfect moment to relisten some mini-lectures. The perfect studying.
I will start the recording this evening. Just like the girl in the article did, I will start with biology. Things like math is hard to record, and to understand without any visual support.

How I will do it:
  • Make a summary of the text. I will do this for biology. It contains over 90 pages, which I can reduce to less than 20. So that will be a good start.
  • Add your notes to the summary. I will add the notes I took during class to it. So it will be complete.
  • Record it. Record it in pieces. So you can choose the subject you want to listen, later. I will record it with my mobile phone, that is good enough.
  • Play it, and learn. Cause I recorded it on my mobile phone, I will also play it on my phone. That will work. I will play it when I am on my bicycle, cause that is the time I am looking for something to do (without falling).

So, starting this evening! I am curious if it will work.
If it does work, I will defenitly use it with other classes also!
I will write another blog about it, next week I guess, when I have tried it!
I have tried it, and wrote something about it! Here are some pro's and cons

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