Tuesday, December 2, 2008

5 easy tips to make the teacher like you

I am not someone who naturally hates teachers. I do think it is important to be some kind of 'friends' with your teacher.

If your relationship with your teacher is good, he is more likely to help you. And eventually, he is the one who gives you your marks!
So here are some tips to make your teacher like you.
  1. Greet every time. "Good morning sir". It sounds really simple, but the teacher does notice you 'That is nice he said that'. Simple, and it works.
  2. Make your homework. Of course, you already should be doing that, but sometimes, you just can't do it because.. But you SHOULD do it. Cause if he asks 'who did do their homework' and you can raise your hand, he will notice you positively again!
  3. Ask how he is doing. Just an extension to number 1. Also simple, but you have to do it in a 'later stadium'. When you said 'good morning' a couple of times you can do this. Ask how he's doing, how was his weekend, vacation, whatsoever.
  4. If you want to know something about the stuff you need to learn, and you won't see him the rest of the week, email him! You show interest, and he will notice that.
  5. And the last, and maybe the least, cause you might be busy enough. Ask for extra work. Say you want to improve yourself, and the work that is given now isn't enough.
These tips are not hard at all to use, and it does work. You don't have to put a lot of work in it, but you do get something from it. A better relationship with the teacher means that he is more willingfull to work with you, and that can only be in your advantage!

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