Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year in Holland

As a Dutch School Kid, I want to explain to you what New Year is like in Holland.
I'm working in a mall, so I had to work this morning, from 8 till 10. New Year in a mall is CRAZY. It is just FULL of people, and empty of products.
Everybody's asking 'Don't you have any ..' 'I think we do ma'am, I will look for you.'

The day itself. We can shoot our own firework, so as a teenage boy, that is what I do during the day. Buy some firecrackers and fire them! That is fantastic. But also there are many people who bake their own OLIEBOLLEN. (I prefer to eat them :))

New Years Eve. We spend time with our family or friends, play bordgames, or have nice conversations. Test some firework maybe.
Then, half an hour before midnight, we turn the tv on and watch a new years show. A couple of minutes a clock comes in, and your father grabs the champagne, ready to open it. And then. 12 o' clock. HAPPY NEWYEAR!! (We say 'Gelukkig Nieuwjaar') and the champagne will be opened and everyone congratulate each other.

Then we go outside and shoot firework, and watch. The greatest things you will see.
And then I grab my bycicle and go to my girlfriend, have a drink over there, 'congratulations, happy new year'.

The day after, the first of januari. I, and a lot of others, go to do a 'newyearsdive' (nieuwjaarsduik). Everybody runs into the water! And then, run out and grab a towel, and go home to have a shower, cause it is really cold. But it is a really cool tradition!
After the shower, we go to family and have dinner there.

I love New Year. The end of a fantastic 2008, and I hope the beginning of an even more fantastic 2009.
Happy New Year all!

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Jess said...

Your new year sounds lovely :)

We had fireworks too. Just, we didn't light them ourselves-- we went to the Sydney harbour ones. They're spectacular ^^

Happy 2009!

TheDutchSchoolKid said...

Wow! Hell yeah they were spectacular, I have seen photos of it at our newssites xD
They are always fantastic!
Happy 2009 two ;)