Friday, January 2, 2009

Having a movie marathon

I had a starwars marathon last weekend with three of my friends. Fantastic, Crazy.

Really, watching six movies in a row, with some of your best friends, there is nothing like it.
We did it with Star Wars, but you can also do it with Lord of the Rings, The Godfather or Harry Potter.

How do you do set up a movie marathon?

Step 1
Choose the serie. We did it a Star Wars marathon, cause one of the guys (17 years old) didn't knew Yoda.

Step 2
Set a date. You will need a weekend, cause you will be dead afterwards. We began at 1.30 pm, ended at 4 am. Choose the location also. We did it at my place, cause I have a beamer. You need a room big enough, some sleeping bags.

Step 3
Buy food. You need some food, you need a lot of food. Buy too much, it is better than that you are hungry at the last film. Everyone needs 2 bottles of soda, 4 bags of chips and 10 chicken wings.

Step 4
Watch it. Go! Put on the dvd-player and have your movie marathon. Watch them all, eat your food, order a pizza when it is dinner-time and eat it during the movie. Enjoy the movies, discuss them with each other.

Step 5
Go to sleep. We watched an episode of friends after it and then (well, three hours later) went to sleep. I recommend to sleep earlier, cause you are dead the day after. Make sure all of you can sleep at the place where you watch, it is more fun.

So, that is my 5 step plan to have a movie marathon.
Really, when you need (or want) some quality time with your friends, this is the best way!

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