Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How I aced my examweek

My examweek (testweek, week full of exams, how you wanna call it) is over. 7 days, 12 exams later, I'm finished.

How did it go? Fantastic. After every test I had a good feeling (well, except Latin, but that is nothing new), the feeling that I could answer the most of the questions. Lovely feeling.

How did you do it? I think that is an interesting question. Because I am almost the only one with this feeling in my year.

I think the main thing is stay calm. Do not stress out, stick to the plan. I made the plan that I want to be done studying at 10pm every evening, and then go to sleep, or read a book, watch some tv. And stick to it. Make sure you are finished at 10pm.
Do not stress, it won't get your grade up. When you stress, stop studying. Breath through your nose, just relax for a while. Do not stress at your test. If you don't know a question, pass it.

What follows from staying calm/sticking to the plan is get enough sleep. I do not get enough sleep normally. I sleep at 12, and have to wake up at 7am or even 5.30am. But now, in the examweek I forced myself to get enough sleep. When I had to wake up at 7, I slept before 11pm, what means I get more than 8 hours sleep. I have classes like math, chemics, physics. So I have to be focussed all the time, it is more than just learning facts. I had to be sharp, and I was it.

Eat good. I always eat pretty much, nothing different in the examweek. Except that this week, I got il. So I ate a lot of vitamins, a lot of fruit. Also I drank a lot of tea. And I felt great with it!
The plan I made with the hot beverages didn't work that good. I found out that hot chocolate in the evening gave me too much energy, so I couldn't sleep before twelve. So after the first day, I scrapped that from the list. Also I drank a lot of tea more, but not much more coffee, so I'm happy 'bout that.

Be prepared. Of course. Be prepared before the test. Make sure you don't have to learn everything the evening before the test. This is crucial for the stay calm part. Just be prepared, I shouldn't explain why.

Will you do it again this way? Yes. Definitly. I will do it very much the same next examweek, but I will be even more prepared. On the last day, I had biology and latin, and I had to do too much for that on the day before the test, so the preparation should need some improvement.

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