Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 3 of 2009

This is the week of the second exam week of the year.

The exams went great, that's sure.
The week that my surrounding got sick, my girlfriend, my sister.
The week that I got sick, but didn't admit it, just go to school and make the test!

The week where I blogged only once, about Adolf Hitler. But it is a blog which I love, a good post about some just follow what is been said things. (Have to know that for another test tomorrow ;))

The week where I had to learn, but watched Pirates of the Carribean, with my sick sister.
The week where I went babysitting with my girlfriend, and watched Back to the Future there. What a fantastic movie, can't stop loving it.

The week where I was really happy with my style of learning and my preparing for a good test. Think I'm going to blog about that this week, when I find time. Cause I still have another 5 tests in two days. Wish me luck.

Week 3 of January, a good week, a good examweek. A week where Holland got ill, but I'll make my way through it. Yes, I can be gratefull for week 3. Thanks.

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