Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Week 2 January

This is the week that

  • I quoted some french guy
  • Wrote about the hot beverages in my exam week
  • Wrote about the student bag. And what should be in it!
But it is also the week that
  • Had a debate in class and scored an 8.8 (on the scale of 10!)
  • Read about visualization, something I didn't read about a long time, and put it in practise with swimming!
  • Learned that coloured marshmellows doesn't even come close to real marshmellow's in hot chocolate (just gross!)
  • Learned that to-do lists DO work, and I'm going to use it more!
  • Learned that Google Calender may be pretty handy in my examweek, and the rest of my life?
And of course the week that
  • I was at the swimming pool at 6 am for training (yes, that is the usual bussiness with swimming in the Netherlands) and find out that my coach didn't had the keys, so I could go back to bed!
  • The week that it was really, really cold in Holland, minus 13 celcius..
  • The week that I went riding on a sledge with my girlfriend, and had a wonderfull time in the snow!
  • The week I read something in the book Dracula, and find out that foreigners doesn't know anything 'bout Holland. Dutchmen's say: 'Mijn god', not 'Mein Gött' that German! Holland is a country, not the capital of Germany or something!
The second week of January? Full, sometimes stressy, but a good startin' up week!

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