Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week Review #3 of 2009

I'm still thinking about the title. Week review #4 of 2009 isn't true, cause I started in week #2, so it is WR #3, but week #4.

Week #4 of 2009.

The week where
  • I didn't quote anyone! I simple haven't had the time, sorry!
  • The week where my examweek was finished. And I had one of my best examweeks ever. How did I do it?
  • The week where I actually only made one post. Bad, very bad. But I got some things coming up!
Except that, it is also the week where
  • I had 5 tests, in 2 days. Insane
  • I felt great again
  • I trained 3 times.
  • I learned the meaning of the words: Antebrachium, ileus and acra. Do I need to explain what those words mean?
And the week where
  • I went snowboarding with school!
  • I only fell 28 times! (Maybe more, maybe less)
  • I watched La vita รจ bella with my girlfriend. What a fantastic movie!
Week #4 of 2009 was a good week. I liked it that I got all those great marks back, and the snowboarding day was also great. The week started with a lot of stress, cause I had 5 upcoming exams, and ended with a lot of relaxation cause the examweek was over!

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