Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How hot drinks will help me through my examweek

It is the time of year again, when you can enjoy hot beverages with full intensity.

It is the time of year again, when you love to cuddle up at the fireside.
I love it too, I really do.

But, for me, it is also the time of year again that I have exams on school. 8 days, 11 tests.
And I'm going to make my way through it, using the benefits of hot beverages.

Starting in the morning: Coffee
When I have the test early, I will get one cup and then go to school. But if I have the test later, something like 11am, I will wake up with one cup, and drink another cup before leaving.
It will keep me sharp, awake and ready to ace the test!

Then, in the afternoon: Tea
When I finished the test, I go back to my house, and then I will have a cup of tea. Relax for half an hour, drink some green tea, to relax, hang over and get ready to study again.

After dinner, in the early evening: Coffee
Yes, coffee again. I think I need it then, cause I have to be awake the rest of the evening to study. So another cup of coffee is added.

Around 9pm. Later in the evening: Hot chocolate
The drink I love the most in the winter season. Especially with tiny marshmallows in it. Lovely, and a good break from your study. I need to be finished with studying at 9pm, so I think I can drink my cup of hot chocolate when I also read my reader. Enjoying enjoying.

Before going to bed, in the late evening: Tea
Yes, another cup of tea. Something to make me calm down again. I ain't stressed that much, but relaxing before going to sleep is important, I think. So a cup of tea, while watching tv with my mom or so, will be a good thing.

That will be my hot beverage schedule. I am already applying it a bit, to look if it is good. And it does work for me, but I actually got two cups of coffee tonight, cause I hadn't had much sleep.
When I count it all up, it will make 6 or 7 hot drinks a day!
It will be something to look forward to 'yes, in half an hour I can have a cup of hot chocolate!'
Sometimes, I love the winter season.

Which hot drinks are you drinking during the day? Does it also helps you through something?
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selablad said...

I saw some of your comments on Jess's blog and followed the link...

To answer your question: I'm sitting here in Queensland in 30 degree heat, so I'm not drinking any hot drinks... but ice water definitely helps me through my day. ICE WATER FOR EVER!

I love winter, though. Summer is annoying because you can't really get cool easily (you can swim, for example, but the sun still shines down on you and then you get sunburnt...). But winter is fun because of all that stuff you mentioned, like cuddling up in front of the fire and drink hot chocolate and stuff.

Anyway. Good luck with your exam week. Hope all that caffeine doesn't kill you!

TheDutchSchoolKid said...

Hi Selablad,
I'm so jealous, I'm really a summer kind of guy. I love the continual heat on my head!
But I don't like complaining (any more) so I make the best of it. And that works with hot drinks ;)

And the cafein kill is another reason why I made this 'schedule', cause now, I have some drinks instead of coffee, so I won't get an overkill on the cafein.

Thanks for commenting,