Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Chocolate Man

I work in a hospital.
No, I ain't a doctor (yet). And I ain't even a nurse. I'm giving the food to the people and just do the stupid chores. But I don't care, I haven't finished high school yet, so this is a pretty good job, and it pays pretty good!

I had to give the people their drinks today. "Ma'am, what do you want to drink?" "Sir, what do you like to drink at your breakfast?"
Almost everybody drinks coffee or tea, and some, elderly of course, drink hot milk (blegh).

But now there was a man who asked for hot chocolate. Something I love, especially with tiny marshmallows. (Thanks to Marelisa) So I made it for that guy, and asked 'So do you like chocolate?'. "Yes, hot choco please." Asked again, same answer. Deaf, of course.

At lunch, I had to do the same. More tea and (cold) milk, less coffee.
And when I asked that man again, he wanted hot choco again! And when I heard what he ate, I smiled. 2 sandwiches with chocolate spread.
In the afternoon, when I had to bring drinks to the patients again. He wanted hot choco again.
From now on, he is 'the chocolate man'.

I thought about it again when I went home, I smiled again. And when I visited the ice cream bar where my girlfriend works, I asked for a chocolate ice cream. And I enjoyed.

Room number 2, the chocolate man. Sounds good.

I'm dutch, so my English is pretty good, but not perfect, please correct me when I'm wrong!

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