Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 other things to do during class

I have already written about the boring teachers and how to stay awake.

But if the lessons are really boring, and you think they are useless, try to fill the time with usefull stuff.
Here is my top 10 to do during class, when I am not that interested.

On 10: Make the most fantastic drawning. And then upload it and show it! On 10, cause I can't draw..
On 9: Work out your notes, colour them, write them again, to make it more clear
Make the notes more clear to yourself. So if you look to them 5 weeks later, you will still understand them.
On 8: Think of a good deed you want to do. Good deeds make you feel good. So think of one you can do. Things like 'cook, so my mom won't have to do it'.
On 7: Play games with your neighbour. Allright, not that usefull. Only on the social side. And you neighbour has to be bored also.
On 6: Plan your day. Think of what has to be done today. Make a to-do list, you won't have to do it at home anymore!
On 5: Make homework. Pretty tough cause the teacher won't like it. But it is a very usefull thing.
On 4: Think of subjects you can blog about. Make a list of subjects where your next blog will be about.
On 3: Work on those subjects. Make a mindmap, start to think about the lists. Work those subjects out, it takes creativity, and it will make me enthusiastic. I love this one!
On 2: Read a book/reading assignment. Read read read!
On 1: Play games on your calculator. The most useless in this list, but the best. I love it. Compete with your classmates, play games. (755 at snake, beat me!)

Now I'm curious, if you will be bored in class, what will you go do!?

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Anonymous said...

I just take a laptop to class and check email, do other work, browse websites, etc... but maybe it is just something people in my college do, to bring laptops to class? I can imagine it would be weird to do so if nobody else does...

TheDutchSchoolKid said...

Well, there is only one person in my class who uses a Acer EEE.
It is not that common on highschool in Holland.
And we don't have wireless internet at school. That sucks.
So I will enjoy my laptop next year, I hope. When I go to the university!