Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why should you like deaf people

People are always mocking about their deaf grandparents. But you can also like deaf people, it is hard, but try it!

I'm telling this in a point of view like you are working in a hospital ;)

Spend not that much time
This is the key to keep it good. Just don't spend that much time with them, five minutes is already too long.

Enjoy the screaming
With our hectic lives everybody wants sometimes to yell. Now you can! "Ma'am! Do you want something to drink!?"  "What?" "DO YOU WANT SOMETHING TO DRINK!?"
Wow, a lovely feeling, screaming, and it is allowed!

Enjoy the screaming, of other
It is just wonderfull to hear others scream. Especially if they don't talk that loud normally. You hear from a room. "SO HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY, Mr JOHNSON?"
How can you not enjoy it!

Practice your mimic
This is the best way to practice your mimic. It's almost like a game of charades!

Love the person who is deaf
Deaf people are normally pretty old. I think it is just cute to see such an old lady saying: 'Sorry, I can't hear you, I haven't got my hearing aid in'.
Or when you have asked (yelled) if they want another glass of water, and you are walking away to get it, they suddenly scream "Cause I have to take my medicins!"

I think point one is the most important, don't spend to long talking with deaf people. Then it will be annoying. But for a couple of minutes, you CAN enjoy!

How do you deal with deaf people?

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