Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who am I

The Dutch School kid.
Let's just start with that. I'm 17 years old, living in the Netherlands, and I'm in my last year of high school.
I seriously wanna study medicins next year. There is only one thing. In Holland there is a draw with that.
So if I wanna be sure that I will make it, I need an average of an 8. (In Holland the system works with points, 1-10). And after my first examweek this year, I have an average of 7,8. Just not high enough. So I have to work really hard, cause I wanna make it.
Besides that. I like swimming, and with swimming I mean swimming in competition. I train like 4 times a week.
I got the greatest girlfriend. Also 17, also in my class. She is just wonderfull.
My school has a school play every year at Christmas, I'm in it. We are playing the classic: Christmas Carrol, I play the ghost of Christmas present. Lovely role.
So these will be the topics I write about. Just write about my life, just write something which might interest you.

Oh and, I'm dutch, my english is pretty good, but isn't perfect. Please correct my spelling!

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MindFul MiMi said...

Best of luck with your plan. I am sure you'll get there.
And I agree, Leiden is a nice town.

Jess said...

Hi Stefan!

Good luck with your goals ;) It seems we have similar ideas for our blogs... thanks for the comment btw!


Karin H. said...

Hi Stefan

Found your blog through Liz Strauss - great guest post there.

Greeting from a Dutch retailer in the UK who's know to write and talk "double Dutch" most of the time!

Good luck with your studies - mine school times are ages ago ;-)

Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)