Thursday, November 27, 2008

Speeching: How to use 'err' correctly

I already mentioned my physics teacher, who says 'err' 25 times in 5 minutes.

When he says it, it is really annoying. It looks like he just doesn't know what he wants to say, all the time. But you also may use 'err' in a good way.

When you are speeching, in front of a 'bigger' audience (more than 10 human beings) you can use the word.
The only golden rule is don't use it too much.

But how should you use it?

When you come with something big, if you want to say a really important thing, the 'err' can be really powerfull. It should go something like this: "How should I say this, err, when you ..."
And you have to look above the audience, with the obama-wayoflooking, to a brighter future, to a fantastic oppertunity you seem to see.
It will make you look philosophic. It looks like you are choosing your words wisely. So the audience will think that you are wise, cause what you want to tell, you want to tell good.

An other way to use the word 'err' is to speak very fast after it. So the silence between the word 'err' and the following word must be like nothing. "So if you use plan A to accomplice, you have to err-do this and this."
You show a little bit weakness, and that makes you actually charming.

So, you can use the, in common bad, 'err' correctly, you can use it in your advantage.
Do you have any tips, to turn the bad word 'err' in a good thing? I would like to hear!

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Amy Brown said...

I agree - 'uh' is a terrible word used today. Does your physics prof lecture in English or Dutch? I've always found that a pause works better than any sort of filler such as "like," "umm," or "uhh."

TheDutchSchoolKid said...

In Dutch, all my classes are in Dutch ;)
And it is seriously terrible!

Jess said...

'Speaking', as opposed to 'Speeching', is the better word to use :)

Else your english seems pretty good, have you been learning long?

Sorry to be picky, but you did ask :D

TheDutchSchoolKid said...

Hi Jess,

But it is not used in a conversation, but in when you do a speech in front of an audience, I think it is the correct word.

And learning, uh, yeah I learned for a long time, but I didn't knew it.
In Holland every English program isn't voiced over, like in Spain or Germany, but they just put subtitles. So every dutchman can speak English pretty well.

And I've been learning it in school, and read blogs and books in English, so my English will be better, I guess.
That is also a good thing which comes with blogging, improving my English, that is why I ask to correct me ;)