Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to stay awake during class

I am a person who can sleep everywhere.

It doesn't matter, a couch, in a car and even in class.
And it did happen, once. Well, it happened once that the class noticed.
It was a really hot day, and the teacher decided to show some dia's about his holiday, with the curtains closed, and I was very tired.

And pretty often I'm between sleeping and not sleeping, so I tested some things, which probably helps you staying awake.

1. Watch the teacher
Watch the teacher, all the time. And with watching I mean watching all his moves. How he walks, how he talks, how he acts. It is really funny, cause every teacher got something strange, and when you notice that strange thing, you can enjoy it.
It starts to get fun when you take notes. One of my teacher is saying 'euh' all the time, so me and a friend start to count how often he says 'euh'.  The outcome: 27 times in 5 minutes.

2. React on the teacher
I'm following b├Ęta classes, so we have to calculate much. And the teacher has to do it also. They are highly trained in it, absurd. But sometimes he can't calculate it in his head, and he needs a calculator. Since teachers are to lazy to grab their calculator they will always ask: "Can anyone calculate this please". That is the moment you come in. Do it! Calculate, as fast as you can. And when are the fastest of the class, be really jubilant. You will enjoy class more, and there are some teachers who likes that behaviour (no garantee).

3. Start your homework
Just start with your homework. No teacher bothers if you are paying attention, or looking in the book all the time. Homework will be the challenge you might actually need to stay awake. Plus the time you save. If you make your homework in class, you don't have to do it at home anymore!

4. Ask questions
Ask something about the content of the lesson. Popping the first question can be really hard, especially if you are really sleepy, but after the first question you will awake. And then comes the next question, and the next and the next.

5. Make up a story
Don't make up a random story. But make up a story about the person you have to look to the whole lesson. The teacher. Think of him when he is at home. What paper does he read? What does he eat? How is his wife/her husband. What will he do when he comes home?
My girlfriend and I tried that with our physics teacher. Instant fun!

6. Learn something
Last but not least. Step into the class with the idea you are going to learn something today. 
When you are standing on the doorstep think 'I AM going to learn something today'.
And when you stand on that doorstep again, but then when you leave class, you will be satisfied, and awake.

So, do you think this works? Do you have other tips for staying awake? Post them, I'm curious!

I'm dutch, so my English is pretty good, but not perfect, please correct me when I'm wrong!

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