Sunday, November 30, 2008

Visiting a University #2

This is part two in the (I guess..) three part series about me, visiting a university in Holland. Making my decision which one I should join next year..
I think it is wise to tell you that I live in a small city, with nothing like a university, so every trip is a trip to 'the big city'.

I've been to University of Utrecht friday. One of the best University's in Holland.
First I've been to the informative meeting of medicine, which fell short of my expectations. I thought Medicine in Utrecht was very, very good, but the presentation was not that good.
But the quality of the study ís good, there are every year 120 registrations who have an 8 average (so you don't have to compete in the draw). So pretty much motivated students.
And there are good abilities to study in a foreign country, something I would like to do.

After that informative meeting, I went to the meeting of Biology.
I didn't have any expectations, it is my favorite class in high school, but the study is nothing for me, I thought.
I was wrong. There are not only treehuggers in that study, and it is much more than just some flowers and some animals. You can chose very much, you can chose which way you want to go, so for me, the neuro-biology way would be great.
And here are some very good abilities to study somewhere else also great!
I have to check biology in more cities, if I wouldn't make it in medicine, I can always drop back to biology!

I didn't went 'down-town' Utrecht, cause I had to be somewhere in Apeldoorn, the place I live, so that's a pitty.

Everything together, I'm not that excited about Utrecht. But I certainly am about Biology. It was a very usefull day!

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Sandra said...

"There are not only treehuggers in that study, and it is much more than just some flowers and some animals."

I do not like that sentence Stefan! Flowers and animals are very interesting. Maybe you are right that humans are the móst interesting, but 'flowers' and 'animals' are more important than you think! (Is a human being not also an animal? And will you not look at the nervous system of animals when you study the neuro-biology :D?)

TheDutchSchoolKid said...

Ok, I have to be honoust.
I do like some thing when it comes to flowers and animals. I am fascinated all the time at biology.
But I'm not sure if I wanted to spent the rest of my life, looking at some plants. But researching the neurosystem of a sort of primate, can be interesting.
But still, I think that humans are more interesting, and indeed, móst interesting!