Saturday, November 15, 2008

Checking it out

In my first post I said I want to be a doctor. Well, on thursday there was an 'doing-day' in the hospital in my village. Everybody could go there, and just see what the nurses do.

You could give a fake arm a drip. You could stitch a fake arm, things like that.
So I went there with my girlfriend, and decided to take the round. We had to collect stickers at every part of the round. So we saw everything.
Really an informative day. Talked with some junior assistents (is that the correct word for a medical student on clinical attachment?) and we learned some interesting things for our study.
The only but is that the day was mainly focussed on peeps who want to learn for nurse, which we don't. We want to be 'real doctors'. So when they asked 'you are already in schooling for nurse?' we had to answer all the time 'no, we are in the examclass now, and we want to study medicins'. And then they said 'Oh, I can't tell you anything 'bout that'. Bummer..
Furthermore, I am 5 pencils richer, got some candy and they made a heartmovie of my heart. Pretty funny, cause when I had the results, some nurse came to me 'show it please'. And I did, she said 'Ah, young and lean'. Well, yeah, that's me!
The best learning moment was when we were at the 'PAAZ' (Psychatric Department General Hospital).  I didn't know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Well I do now, a psychiatrist works more with diseases and medicins, and a psychologist talks more about immaterial problems. So, I don't wanna be a psychologist anymore, and perhaps I do wanna be a psychiatrist. 
Well, I still have 7 years to chose.

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