Saturday, December 27, 2008

iPod Studying #2

A couple of weeks ago I posted something about iPod Studying with the promise that I would test it.

Well, I did.

I found some pro's and cons.

  • You can relisten it whenever you want. Like me, I listen to it when I am on the bycicle.
  • You check your notes again. When there is something which doesn't make sense, you see it immediatly, cause you have to record it. If you read it, you wouldn't notice.
  • You practice speaking. I talk to fast some times, and don't articulate good enough. Now I hear it myself.
  • I takes a lot of time. It does, if you are not normal to make summary's, that will take a lot of time (well, that is a good thing actually ;)). And recording take also much time.
  • You can not rely on it. When you listen to it on the road, you can be distracted. So studying on your iPod is not enough.
  • I am a visual learner. So I can't just listen to it. But because I already looked at it, understood it, it is more like a repeatition of what I already know.
Yes, it is a good way of studying. But you can not study just on your iPod. You have to see it first, and repeat everything you learned in your ears.
I would recommend it!
How are your experiences with studying with your iPod?

I will try it more, and come up with more problems, or ways to use it better! Stay tuned!

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