Saturday, March 21, 2009

Making Flashcards #2

Last week I posted 'Making flashcards' and I did it, and it worked pretty well.

How I made them
I said I was going to print the questions and add the answers, well I just wrote the questions and answers and that worked fine for me!
I didn't use that stupid program on my computer, didn't work at all. I wondered who install that program..

I used them for Biology, as I said, I made around 40 cards and carry them with me for a couple of days. I want to name some pro's and cons for it.

  • It takes a lot of time. I spent around 2 hours making them, admitting that I maybe wrote too much on it.. But a lot of time, for not that much cards.
  • They are ugly in use. I'm the only one in my class who walks around flashing those cards in front of me. I will name some questions I got: 'What are YOU doing?!' 'Hey Stefan, are you going to be a quizmaster?' But when I explained it, they got it and said: 'Let me know if it works out.' 
  • They are extremely easy to use. No serious, extremely. Just when you don't have anything to do, waiting in an elevator, or walking to class or something. Just grab them and test yourself!
  • You can always carry them with you. They are so small, I got 16 cards out of one A4-paper. Really small, instead of big papers which leads to accidents when you read them walking. ;) Put them in your pocket, and grab them anytime you want.
Upgrades (extras)
  • I wrote a big Q on the question-side so you will know what is the front and what is the back
  • When I was near a pen, I marked the card when I got it right, after three marks I lay the card on the 'done-pile.'
  • I'm going to try something with colours!
I'm really curious in other upgrades, maybe you can give me some tips!

When I was in my first year of high-school my Latin teacher mentioned flashcards. I thought: 'A lot of work and it won't work for me.' I was wrong. Yes, it was a lot of work, but they DID work for me. Easy to use, small and simply everywhere useable.
Will I use them more often. Definitly!

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Hey Steffan,

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