Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Period Of Relaxation

After a week of tests, exams or any though brain-training sessions you need a week rest. You need a period to calm down, get yourself together again to start another period of hard working. Here are some great tips!

In my case, it is after a week of exams at school. I had 9 big tests, so had to learn, practice a lot. No serious, a lot. The weekend after it, I didn't do ANYTHING for school. What I did do was.
  • Sleep again. Finally some sleep again. Just sleep till 9am, instead of 7 am. Go to bed at 11pm, instead of 2am (because you just had to look at that paragraph again).
  • Play videogames. More for boys than for girls I guess. I didn't use my PS2 for like 4 weeks, so finally, again a good game of God of War! But some other great games: Pinball (of course the great 3D Pinball Space Cadett, the Windows one), Zombie Wars
  • Hang out with friends. Of course, the night you go to the bar, drink and have fun. But also some nice, relax at someone house. We made truffles and played monopoly!
  • Start again. Make yourself ready for the new upcoming period. Clean your room, refresh your note-map and get some order in your life!
These are my tips to do in a period of relaxation. The period you grab yourself together again. This period isn't over yet for me, so do you have any tips to do for me?

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Kayleigh said...

Ik ben op je blog gekomen via Study Hacks en zag je comment op de nieuwste post - wilde je even laten weten dat ze "How to become a straight A student" ook bij Bol.com hebben.